running-injuriesCompetitive or fun. Fast or slow. High or low miles. The latest gadget or just a pair of running shoes. Bring up the sport of running and you will find a wide range of participants, even more so as the weather improves in Glasgow.

However, one thing almost all runners have in common is injury. This does not mean that every runner is injured all the time, but talk to anyone who’s put more than a few miles on their shoes and they will share at least one experience of pain with you. While injury can plague some runners, the good news is some of the best personal trainers or sports therapists in Glasgow and across the country can help treat and prevent the most common ailments. Here is a quick look at some of the most common running injuries:

Runner’s knee:

Almost 40% of all injuries runner’s experience has to do with the knee.  Medically referred to a patellofemoral pain syndrome, runner’s knee is more prevalent. Any-time there is extra pressure on the knee for example a long run, running downhill, going down stairs, etc – the cartilage around the knee can become irritated and inflamed. Combine external contributors with the internal factor which you may not know of as most people don’t, unless they have have had an assessment on weak areas usually done by a personal trainer at the beginning of a programme development, which could be of weak quads, hamstrings, tight hips or glutes, several areas which could combine and make running painful!

What’s a runner to do?

Feel the burn! Working with your personal fitness trainer, strengthen your hips and glutes, i usually find with clients that these are the problem areas.

Ankle Issues:

There are two very common injuries that can flare up in the ankle/foot area – Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. Achilles tendonitis is pain in the back of the ankle where your calf and heel are connected. When you have tight or weak calves there is extra tension on this area and can cause inflammation. The pain may stay in this area or even move into the foot and may lead to plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis is a pain in the arch of the foot caused by tears or inflammation of those sensitive tendons and ligaments running from your heel to your toes. Both of these conditions are serious and could sit you on the sidelines for a very long time if not properly treated.

What’s a runner to do?

See your trainer! Depending on the severity of the injury determines the approach your trainer will take. In general, improving your calf strength and avoiding poor footwear (flip-flops and high heels) may be the best way to repair and prevent these injuries.

Shin splints:

This is a common complaint of new runners who are pounding the pavement in the wrong shoes or increasing their mileage too quickly. Shin splints happen when there are small tears in the muscles around the tibia (aka: shin).

What’s a runner to do?

Get a personal plan that’s right for you! The root of this injury (typically) stems from doing too much too soon so work with your  personal trainer, me if you’re in Glasgow or want on-line help, to create a plan that will allow you to run but without pain by gradually increasing your mileage. If the problem still persists, i may advise you to tape or stabilize your shin in some way for extra support, or even refer you as i work with several high level health professionals.

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