Experienced Personal TrainerAbout Me – The Personal Side

Hi, everyone. I thought i’d add a personal touch to my website to give you an insight into myself as I find that its just as important being able to connect with people as it is getting results through personal training and as time has proven, the easier you engage with one another, the better the personal training results anyway! So Happy Days!

Experienced Personal TrainerME…

I’ve always been into ‘sport’ per say hence my job haha, but at heart im an optimist, I believe you make your own fate and your own luck. If thats good or bad I don’t know, but I do know I’ve experienced a lot since I’ve been around, lived in 4 areas in the UK, served in an elite combat unit, seen the hills and horrors of Afghanistan and made some almightly mistakes just like everyone else! But overall i love life as a whole, my dog as you can see and music!! Music, I love music alot!!

Experienced Personal TrainerRecent History

Since leaving the Military 5 years ago I have went straight back into personal training in Glasgow. First I started with increasing my skill set and completed a sports degree. Which funny enough was suppose to change my mind and set me on another path! But actually infact has brought me here, to where I can use the skills I learnt to improve my training results and increase the amount of people that recieve them, double whammy!

I love training and I would never put a client through anything I wouldnt do myself, im a firm believer that you have to lead from the front, otherwise what experience would I have giving you advise? none!

Experienced Personal TrainerWORK HARD, PLAY HARD!!

Often I get asked if I drink or if I’ve ever had a pizza?!? LISTEN UP do your 90 percent and have your 10 percent to do whatever you will!! Otherwise what’s the point? BTW I’ll drink anyone under the table! ha! We aren’t all fitness models and even if we were we’d commit suicide from banging frozen broccoli on our heads after a few years! Enjoy life but make sure you’re around for a long time and in good health, that’s the point of personal training, that’s my philosophy – get results, enjoy them, keep them!

Lastly before I rant, my pet hates haha IF you smell have a wash, simple. If you have money that’s nice and means nadda as you’re still gonna get hammered in PT.

Finally my major pet hate is “trainers”! The ones which stand there counting numbers not correcting technique, motivating, stopping injuries and using clients as cash cows! If you have one, sack him as he/she’s not doing their job or isn’t bothered about your results, either way there’s too many about and they need a frying pan round their chins. Rant over – Love everyone haha